A Storm Is Brewing In the Mortgage Industry Underbelly. Will You Sink Or Swim?

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news: The internet is taking over the mortgage industry.

The bad news: The internet is taking over the mortgage industry.

About 30% of you reading this right now will get left behind. Here’s why:

87% of all homebuyers in US go online to do research1. Most people find their LOs through either referrals or online.

If you don’t have your online strategy on lock, I guarantee someone from your branch… down the hall even… WILL have a strong online game and WILL clean up shop.

You’re probably thinking: I have a website through my company. So I’m good.

You can’t see me right now, but I’m shaking my head. Because every time a loan officer tells me that *with pride* I just know this LO has no idea what he’s up against.

He will get crushed.

I’ll tell you exactly why in a sec..

But first, here’s where I’m coming from.

Little background on me. I’ve been in tech for 12 years. Began in San Francisco. Websites were my bread and butter. Trust me, I could build you a super fast, killer-gorgeous website. But that wouldn’t add a single penny to your bottom line.

The reason is simple.

A website is a tool. Are you using it properly? Is your phone ringing off the hook because people are finding your website?

Let’s take a step back.

What’s the number one currency available to mankind?

The #1 currency on this blue planet, guess…

Money? Nope.

Precious metals? Nope.

Cryptocurrency? Try again.

Love? Don’t be ridiculous.


The only value money / gold / bitcoin has, is the value you assign to it.

I’ll say it again. The only value any currency has… is the value YOU assign to it.

Value drives ALL currencies on the planet.

The better you can help people, the more you’ll be rewarded.

Think of any top performing RE agent. Think they’re not out there working their faces off to organize events, show houses, help more and more people buy and sell their house?

Think of anyone big: Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Grant Cardone. How much value do they give and give and give? They ARE the currency.

YOU yourself ARE the currency.

Give your absolute best in exchange for whatever you want. Bigger bank account, higher job position, respect, or the sheer satisfaction of proving to yourself you’re worth more than you ever… ever imagined.

Going back to your website. Can you honestly say your website helps people get their perfect loan?

Yeah, I know some of you have articles with good info. To that I’d ask.. Are people finding you through those articles? Are they requesting more help from you? Are they converting into apps? Are you closing 12 more deals a month because of it?

If your answer is yes to all those, congratulations! If you’re not a top producer yet, you will be within 5 months.

If your answer is NO…

Well, I have bad news.

The internet is taking over the mortgage industry.

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About the author
Stephanie Vigil
Customer Acquisition Specialist

I'm the Co-Founder & Customer Acquisition Specialist at The Lead Reel. I build custom blueprints for loan officers with one purpose: To turn the "average Joe" into a top performer. Before starting The Lead Reel, I worked in tech in San Francisco, CA.

1. Zillow Group.