How to Become the #1 Contact On Any Real Estate Agent’s Phone (And Join Their Tight-Knit Circle Of Referral Perks)

I bet you already know what I’m about to say…

At least you think you do.

The same ol’ spiel you’ve heard before: Answer the dang phone, close on time, transparency, communicate better… do this do that.

Nope it’s not that kind of post. Not today.

Do you want to be THE #1 loan officer on any real estate agent’s list? If that’s you, keep reading…

Imagine this for sec. Let’s say you’re taking a trip. You’re going white water rafting. It’s your first time and you’ve never done this before. It’s scary, right? It’s exciting! It’s adventurous! It’s a new feeling.

Visualize it. Really put yourself there.

Your life right now, is in the hands of a river guide.

What kind of river guide do you want?

Probably a river guide that eats, breathes, lives the river. You NEED them to know every curve, every rock, every inch of that river like your life depends on it. Because it does… It’s an intense journey.

Could you see yourself as that river guide? Can you take full responsibility for the lives of others?

A mortgage is the second lifelong commitment most people will undertake. Mortgages outlast many marriages.

Want to be every real estate agent’s formidable weapon of choice? Listen up.

This goes beyond answering the phone and beyond closing on time.

I’m talking about that fire deep within.

That addictive psychological high you get when you genuinely help someone.

That surge of dopamine flooding your brain and making you feel euphoric, accomplished, admirable, deserving. Now you’re starved for more. You can’t wait to do it again!

Once you have that level of passion, trust me, everything else falls into place. You’re on top of your game. And absolutely nothing will get in your way because you’re unstoppable.

Did I just describe you?

Do you know your products inside and out like a river guide? Are you capable of navigating the best route for your clients?

Because that’s what makes you the best. Unmatched. That’s who real estate agents want on their speed dial.

If you don’t have that insatiable need to help people, no agent will ever return your calls. Because there’s always someone else out there starving for that euphoric high.

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About the author
Stephanie Vigil
Customer Acquisition Specialist

I'm the Co-Founder & Customer Acquisition Specialist at The Lead Reel. I build custom blueprints for loan officers with one purpose: To turn the "average Joe" into a top performer. Before starting The Lead Reel, I worked in tech in San Francisco, CA.