The Taos Mystery

If you’ve ever had this distinct feeling — think of intense lightning bolt crash or the restlessness we’ve all experienced during full moon.

It’s that Energy…

You can’t seem to pinpoint where it’s coming from, but it’s persistently there.

It’s like there’s a question in the air that desperately needs an answer. An itch that must be scratched.

Not the easiest of feelings to describe on paper, just like a rollercoaster ride it can only to be felt in person…

This, my friend, is Taos.

It’s many things to many people. All depends on whom you ask.

If you’re a mystic, it’s the place of enlightenment.

It’s a place rich with traditions, folklore and mystique….where UFO sightings aren’t uncommon.

It’s one of the few places on Earth where time seems to sloooww way down.

If you’re a painter — it’s your endless landscape to fill your canvas with.

If you’re an extreme sports junkie — it’s your ultimate adrenaline playground.

You get to pick your preferred poison:

  • Want to hurl down the river, boiling with class-5 rapids today?
  • Or snow-surf one of the steepest, merciless and avalanche prone mountains known to man?
  • Maybe you’d prefer BASE Jumping off the rail of the Gorge Bridge into the six hundred foot abyss seeded with jagged boulders?

But don’t think you’re only limited to only those options….There are at least a few dozen some odd ways you can meet your maker early in these parts.

All up to your imagination.

But one common thread everyone would unanimously agree on is this:

Taos has it’s own unique soul.

It’s own mood.

It’s own attitude.

According to local legends, the land holds secrets of magic that date back to ancient sages. They believed Taos to be the heart of a life force (like chi or prana) that manifests itself in animal form.

That’s why every animal has its own specific meaning and symbology.

For example, the owl symbolizes the supernatural.

Owls act as messengers between worlds. A visit from an owl could mean a lucky omen from beyond this dimension.

It could bring you the ancient wisdom of Taos….It could bring you a healing life force Energy….It could bring a spark of awakening for you to elevate to the next level.

Now the question is, what will it bring for you?

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CBD Topicals Made with Ingredients that Support Local Farmers

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