Let’s face it, we’re in 2017 – everyone and their dog has a website by now.

Amazingly, most business websites look like they’re held hostage by year, circa 1997. There’s also plenty of confusion about what a website is even supposed to do.

Let me give you a quick example.

When was the last time you dropped a few grand on any one thing? Your car? Work tools? Home down-payment?

If you’re like most educated consumers, you probably didn’t just pull out your wallet on impulse. You probably did a little bit of research, right?

Maybe you scoped out different vendors to compare your options.

Well, that’s exactly what your prospects are doing right now. In fact they’re actually jumping around web pages like jack rabbits in heat.

Homeowners sift through hundreds of contractor websites before making their final decision.

The fact is vast majority of contractor’s websites repel potential customers…

…And they don’t even realize it’s happening.

But that’s good news for you.

If you use these 3 formulas – your website will suck your prospects in like an F5 tornado.

#1. First impression is critical.

Studies have proven appearance alone can win people’s trust before anything else.

From just that brief first glance on your front page – prospect’s brain will decide in almost an instant whether they should stay or leave.

Busy graphics and hard-to-read text is trust enemy #1.

Use a clean, modern template and keep it simple. This will inspire trust and make people stick around to do business with you.

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#2. Make it Mobile Compatible

If your website looks like a mess on a smartphone – you’re literally turning away customers in droves.

Just from Google search statistics alone, average monthly searches on mobile phones topped

19 billion!

That’s just in one month.

Facebook has 143.5 Million monthly mobile device users. That’s nearly half of United States population!

As you can see your site being mobile is hardly an option, if you don’t want to turn away more than half of your potential business.

This is why it’s important to have a solid theme template. Most good ones already come pre-formatted for mobile. Check out the The Unstoppable Customer Magnet FREE Video to find out how to make your website instantly mobile compatible.

#3. Make your website look personal.

To standout from the crowd, nothing will make more difference than giving your site a personal touch.

Put some pictures of you and your crew on the home page. If you have some videos of you and your crew working on a project, throw them on there as well. Keep your videos short and interesting though.  Get someone on Fiverr to help you edit it down. It will be worth the price.

Make sure your text is easy to read and understand. Ideally you want white background with regular black text on it. Dark background sites look sexy, however they’re not the easiest to read the text on.

Write as though you’re talking to a friend. Be sincere, honest and upfront. People want the “guy next door” to take care of them and their house.

While this is a good start, there’s no One Size Fits All solution. This is why we’ve designed the Unstoppable Customer Magnet to fill your pipeline with high-paying customers and get paid more for your hard work.

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About Stephanie Vigil

Stephanie Vigil is the traffic and conversion expert at Top Ladder Pro. She is certified by Digital Marketer’s highly esteemed HQ program.

With her indisputable expert approach to online marketing she helps dozens of Landscapers, Remodelers and Masons build lean and mean online businesses that produce consistent and loyal customers.

When she’s taking a break from growing businesses – she can be found on top of spine-chilling cliffs snowboarding and occasionally surfing turquoise waves of oceans all around this planet.

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