Looking for leads sucks.

It’s hard enough running your company.

Good news is:

There is never a shortage of generously paying customers in this business! And likely won’t be anytime soon…

If you own a remodeling company – you’re part of a:

One Hundred Billion Dollar Machine!

If you could imagine it – it’s semi trucks stacked full of crisp twenties and hundreds passing you on the interstate, just like those hay-trucks you see everyday.

The actual cash value of the remodeling industry is estimated at $100 plus billion per year and steadily growing. (Paid to professionals – Not including big box store sales.)

At least that’s what National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Harvard’s University’s (JCHS) findings boldly claim.*

They might be full of it, but then again it only makes sense if you consider that:

  • Buying a house is the biggest investment for most folks. (Unless you’re George Clooney or Tom Hanks)
  • With crazy population growth new housing developments are popping up like mushrooms in wet soil.
  • Retired Baby-Boomers are always in the market to remodel their existing homes.
  • Generation-X is retiring right about now and buying up property like they used to buy Nirvana albums in the 90’s.
  • Even Millenials who are usually all about DIY projects, eventually turn to professionals for help, right after they get tired of playing out their “remodeler fetish” for a week or two.

Even better piece of news for you is:

Most contractors are stuck in a loop – You don’t have to be one of them.

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You see – most contractors routinely follow the same old approach to getting fresh business.

Here is a quick rundown of the “Same ol’ Approach” :

They get their business listed with a large company such as Porch.com, Home Advisor etc… bidding on leads with high hopes and fingers crossed that their company will get chosen from a cesspool of a zillion of contractors. (all of whom gladly undercut you in a heartbeat to get the job )

They’re constantly up against massive competition and a train full of low-bidders.

This forces them to:

  • Lower their prices to compete
  • Make less money per job
  • Need to take on more jobs to stay afloat
  • Work overtime to the point of burn out
  • Sacrifice personal life

It’s brutal out there for guys doing it the old way. But that’s also good news for you. By honing your chops in the “New Approach” you’ll get immediate unfair advantage over 99% of them still stumbling in the dark.

Phase 1 of the customer pipeline is to understand why you’ll never need to lower your price to compete. That way you won’t feel forced to take every low-paying project to keep up with expenses.

How to get high paying customers – the New Approach

So what are we talking about here? This new approach is really effective, yet simple.

To our knowledge, there are only a handful of highly paid contractors who are taking full advantage of it.

Therefore they:

  • Have almost zero competition, since most contractors are not doing this
  • Don’t take every job that comes in, only ones they choose (mostly the biggest paying ones)
  • Instantly pocket more money per project
  • Take on way less jobs
  • Have extra time to spend with their families

Here is how the new approach works in practice:

Let’s start with cracking the code of basic sales psychology. Don’t freak out, it’s actually easier than it sounds. And it practically has nothing to do with selling.

Not to overly complicate this, we’ll use this simple real life example.

Let’s imagine our neighbor, Mrs. Smith is in a market for a dishwasher. Up until this point she’s been doing all of her dishes by hand. Poor lady, right?

Is she really buying a rumbling $500 stainless steel box to take up extra 12 cubic feet in her kitchen?

Not exactly.

She’s buying time with her friends after dinner instead of having to wash every dinner plate, pot and pan by hand.

She’s buying the outcome the dishwasher offers, not the actual product itself.

Kind of same analogy that you don’t buy a drill just to have the drill. You buy it to drill holes. The ease of getting those holes is the outcome you’re really after.

This is a powerful concept to understand. (it may seem stupid obvious, but this is where vast majority of business folk get stuck in the mud)

People don’t really buy goods and services – people buy the end result. They buy experiences and outcomes.

I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials with diamond rings where the slogan is: Diamonds Are Forever

What’s actually more accurate is it’s your house that’s forever. Your living room is forever. Your kitchen… is… forever. People spend their lifetimes in their kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

Those are some of biggest investments they’ll ever make. Your job is to let them know, they don’t want to half ass this, because that’s something they’ll see every single day, every year for a long, long time.

As a contractor you’re not selling a pile of two by fours, slabs of granite and boxes of nails all thrown together.

You’re delivering lifetime experiences their amazing new kitchen will bring.

You’re providing memories of enjoying that upgraded living room while watching Super Bowl with all their friends.

What they’re buying are those candle-light dinners, birthdays and anniversaries they’ll cherish forever.

It’s near impossible to put a price on those experiences. If presented right, even the most exuberant price you could possibly charge them would seem like a bargain.

Ever wonder how those certain few contractors could afford to drive expensive trucks and live in huge houses?

I hope I made it clear why you never need to lower your price. It’s as ridiculous as DeBeers dropping their prices on diamonds because the shop next door is selling them cheaper.

Phase 2 of the customer pipeline is to get qualified prospects to your website.

How do you do that exactly?

Start with our Unstoppable Customer Magnet to fill your pipeline with high-paying customers and get paid more for your hard work.


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