“We decided to go with YOU!”

The 6 words you want to hear in a follow up call.

Want to hear those more often?

…of course you do!

One of our top performing guys interviewed a number of people looking to hire a contractor – here’s what he found:

#1 Deciding factor across the board was: Trust

Notice, they didn’t say Price.

Here’s why…

Most people have been royally burned before. Some more than once. Chances are they’ll be choosing their next contractor with extreme caution.

What can you do to win their trust over the guy who burned them?

Here’s a quick check list. See if you already have some of these items squared.

 Simple, Clean and Trustworthy Website. This is a big one. Prospective customers will decide if they’ll do business with you on your website APPEARANCE alone.

 Clarity is next one up. Have a clear outline of what exactly you’re going to deliver within specific time frame and stick to it. Be the person of your word.

Anyone can promise heaps – few can deliver.


If you don’t respond to your prospective customer quickly – someone else will.

Getting back to a potential client fast will increase your chance of being hired by a whopping 97% according to our poll.

People can’t help but to think you’re trustworthy If you return their phone calls A.S.A.P.

It’s only natural!

#2 is Reputation.

Our poll revealed something seemingly crazy.

Most folks will choose their contractor on reputation over PRICE!

If you haven’t gotten your Testimonials, Reviews and Before/After photos, it’s time to email your best clients and get some from them.

People love to see the work you’ve done. Don’t hide it – parade it!

One last thing. Stick to the agreed budget. Nothing ruins your reputation faster than breaching agreements with your clients. If you have to re-negotiate the terms be as upfront and as transparent about it. It will pay off in the long run.

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#3 Experience

Advertising will get your foot in the door. What you do after is what counts.

People can be tricky animals. They want reassurance in your ability to get the job done. They need to know that you understand what they want and you’re the one who’ll deliver it.

By proving to them you know your trade inside and out – will pretty much guarantee you’ll land the job.

What are we talking about?

Here are some key points:

Be a genuinely good listener. The more they talk, the more ammo they give you to sell to them.

Recommend various options for their project. Remember you’re the expert, they want you to recommend what YOU think will work for them.

Address their concerns upfront. They’ll have a few. How you handle their concerns will MAKE or BREAK the deal.

Help them with design. Most people don’t know what they want most of the time. It’s your job to nudge them in the right direction.

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About Stephanie Vigil

Stephanie Vigil is the traffic and conversion expert at Top Ladder Pro. She is certified by Digital Marketer’s highly esteemed HQ program.

With her indisputable expert approach to online marketing she helps dozens of Landscapers, Remodelers and Masons build lean and mean online businesses that produce consistent and loyal customers.

When she’s taking a break from growing businesses – she can be found on top of spine-chilling cliffs snowboarding and occasionally surfing turquoise waves of oceans all around this planet.

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