Being a professional contractor is not easy.

I probably don’t have to tell you – being an underpaid contractor is even harder. The reality is, it doesn’t have be hard to make what you deserve in your business.

… What if you could get paid the highest possible amount for every job, every time?

… What if you could have your customers to happily cut you that $100,000 check without slightest hesitation?

Yeah right – you’re probably thinking right now. I know the feeling, it sounds crazy and downright wishful thinking.

Not if you know what I’m about to share with you.

First let me ask you,

Does any of this sound familiar?

Say, you get a call from a local doctor and his wife who just recently moved into a half a million dollar house. They tell you they want you to do a complete kitchen remodel. They want the works! The job looks finger-licking good.

You can almost smell the money from this gig. After all they are wealthy surgeons, for whom the money is seemingly no object.

So you chew over all the details of the project over the phone. They let you know they want to supply most of their own materials and want to know your pice to install them.

You try to get an idea of their budget range. Every time you ask about it they assure you they have enough resources to fund the project. You think to yourself, “Of course they do, they’re doctors.”

Their only request is that you email them your bid. Fair enough.

So you agree to do an estimate. You spend a solid week of your time. You go back and forth with the docs and finally come up with your best comprehensive estimate at a more than fair price.

You proudly email their estimate as they requested and get no reply, no phone call, no text message…nothing.

After a follow up call to the docs you’re greeted with an unexpected surprise. Not only they tell you that your price is way too high, but you also learn they took your estimate you sweated over straight to your competitor.

To add the insult to the injury,

Your competitor agreed to beat your estimate by a fat margin.

At this point you only have a couple of options.

Option one: You still take the job at a loss to your bottom line just to stick it to the other guy. You barely make enough to cover your costs and labor, but you’ve already invested all this time upfront.

Option two: You keep your dignity and walk away from the gig having lost a whole week’s worth of your time.

The most you could hope for out of this deal is the surgeons calling you back in a couple of years begging you to fix their deteriorating kitchen Mr. Cheapo’s Kitchen Remodel left in his wake.

That’s not exactly ideal either, because you’d rather get paid today – not years from now.

Here is how to turn all this around.

What I’m about to tell you will sound crazy.

However, I promise you, this just plain works. If you’re serious about your business, this might change your life for the better instantly – granted you implement these strategies right away.

#1. Never, under any circumstances negotiate your price.

Let your customers know you’re firm on your price and they’ll likely play ball. And if they don’t, you will do just fine without them. Customers can smell the confidence on you when you project it the right way.

It’s one thing to negotiate the merits of the project to fit the client’s budget. Dropping your price to please the client is a trap! Don’t ever fall for it if you ever want to be getting paid what you’re truly worth.

If the client’s only focus is on the price, move on. There are plenty of homeowners who won’t demand you go out of business so they can save a buck.

The minute you start chipping away at your margins to match your competition – it’s guaranteed you’ll be another statistic in no time.

#2. Ditch those Tire-Kickers right off the bat.

How do you do that? By qualifying your customers before spending your time on an estimate.

Known red flags Tire-Kickers love to use:

1. “We want to supply the materials.” This is the clients attempt to save money. The client has shopped around and they think they know which materials to buy and how much of it to get at the best prices. At least that’s what they tell themselves to avoid paying you. They figure they can cut the cost in half by not paying your markup on the materials.

2. “Just email us your bid.” They request an emailed bid so they don’t spend their time going over a quote and having to make a decision right then. This form of bid shopping makes it convenient for the prospect to request your time with nothing in return – not even a “no”.

3. Refusing to talk about budget. Saying they have “enough” is not going to cut it. You don’t know what their idea of “enough” really is. Never assume people who make high wages are raining cash. That’s almost never the case. If they refuse to talk budget, it’s because they’re not serious “enough”.

(NOTE: Want to know instantly if someones ready to pay you or just wasting your time? Learn How to Spot Tire Kickers  before you touch another estimate.)

#3. No matter how promising the deal may seem – don’t hesitate to walk away.

It sounds easier said than done, especially when you really need that money to stay afloat. However, your mindset here is key. Let me explain.

Customers love to play bidding games. It’s a psychological trap they want to bait you into. Sometimes it’s far too easy to buckle under their pressure. However, if you truly know what your work is worth you’ll never need to settle for pittance.

You might be thinking right now, so you expect me to turn down jobs left and right? How could I possibly survive by doing that?

New houses are being built every day with clients who are more than willing to pay handsomely for quality workmanship. The trick is to know where to find them.

Start with our Unstoppable Customer Magnet to fill your pipeline with high-paying customers and get paid more for your hard work.

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About Stephanie Vigil

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