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  • The one single most important thing you need - in order to get between 4 – 9 referrals every day ... [ page 3]

    ... with absolutely no cold calling or pestering realtors for leads.

  • Mistake #1 is bringing gifts for realtors. Find out why ... [ page 2]

    ... effective approach to "turn the tables" and have realtors competing for your attention. That way YOU get to pick which lucky realtor gets to be YOUR partner.

  • How to get hot and ready-to-close prospects - and have them come to you in droves - every single day ... [ page 5]

    ... no more wasted time calling cadaver leads. Instead - you'll learn how to get buying phase prospects to schedule themselves on autopilot.

  • How to get serious borrowers to qualify themselves to you BEFORE you get them on the phone. (Never waste your time on unqualified leads) [ page 5]

  • TODAY: Get in front of serious home buyers in the early stages of their home search ... and have those buyers calling you instead of realtors. [ page 5]

  • Why the big boys in the industry use these tools to win loads of new home buyers and refi prospects ... and why you should too. [ page 5]

  • Easy way to get prospects warmed up and pre-sold on the spot. A simple approach that positions you as a trusted authority. [ page 6]

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